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Make Your Own Plan: Avoiding Probate

Our Focus - Estate Planning

Businessman Warren Buffet remarked, “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” One of the most thoughtful and considerate things we can do for our loved ones is to take care of our estate planning – plant that tree now – so they can enjoy the benefits of the shade down the road.

Four critical documents to help you protect assets, provide solutions, and prevent problems:

Will – Since you can’t take it with you, a will instructs those you leave behind what to do with your stuff upon your death. You may think nobody will want your stuff but think again. Often it is the things of sentimental value that loved ones fight over. Leaving them a will is a way to provide clarity and understanding.

Even more important, a will designates a guardian in the tragic event of the loss of a mother or father of young children. If you have young kids, you should have a will. This helps lessen uncertainty and confusion during a difficult, heart-wrenching time.

Living Trust – A trust provides a way for you to pass your property on to your beneficiaries while eliminating the time and expense of the probate court process, which can easily cost $5000 and often much more.  (If you are curious to know more about probate, do a “Google” search for “Prince’s Probate”.)

A living trust is particularly helpful if you own a home or other real estate, which would have to go through probate otherwise. It lets you continue to use, control, and enjoy the property you transfer to it. Unlike a probated will, a trust is a private document that keeps private things private.

For a business owner, a trust takes on added importance to facilitate the transfer of your ownership interests to your designated beneficiaries. In situations where death taxes could come into play, a trust can also help reduce that burden.

Durable Power of Attorney (POA) – If injury or illness leaves you unable to take care of your finances and property, a person you appoint through a durable POA can do so for you. This way the bills get paid and property is cared for. It is effective while you are alive but incapacitated. The person you choose should be someone who is trustworthy and has your best interests at heart. Appointing someone who is good at managing finances is a plus.
Health Care Power of Attorney & Medical Directive – If you have spent any time in a hospital you have certainly been asked if you have this document. You authorize a person to make health care decisions for you if you are unable to (e.g. you are unconscious or not thinking clearly). The person you select to make health care decisions for you should be someone who loves you dearly but can be level-headed in an end-of-life crisis. This gains special importance as we age. Up to 25% of the population in the U.S. currently cares for an elderly parent full or part time. This number is increasing steadily as baby-boomers get older.

You can indicate your wishes regarding the use of artificial life-support to keep you alive. Do you want your life prolonged? Do you want pain medication to be administered? These and other questions are addressed.

You don’t always know what the future holds but you can prepare. Creating and using these documents can be extremely helpful for you, your family, and your business in many ways.

Plan Right Law

Meet Our Team

Our team is devoted to a personable and satisfying estate planning experience for you. We work hard to meet your needs, wishes, and goals.
David G. Wood

David G. Wood, Attorney

David G. Wood is the “go-to” estate-planning attorney for entrepreneurs. During his 20+ years practicing law, he has founded, owned, managed, presided over, merged, acquired, financed, represented, advised and consulted a variety of businesses in a multitude of fields. When a life-threatening event faced him a few years ago, he came to personally appreciate the importance of estate planning. David understands the estate planning concerns and needs of business owners. He assists clients with succession planning, preserving wealth, protecting assets, minimizing taxes, and anticipating life’s curve balls.
David earned a B.A. from the University of Utah and a J.D. from Brigham Young University Law School.  He is a member of the Utah and Idaho Bar Associations.  David belongs to the Utah Bar Estate Planning Section, Corporate Counsel, Business Law, and Securities Sections, and the Salt Lake Estate Planning Council.  He enjoys serving charitable organizations, including Building Beginnings; a Utah nonprofit corporation with an amazing program that helps recovering addicts get back on their feet.  He and his wife, Nancy, live in Sandy, Utah, and have four very good-looking and fairly intelligent children and one brilliant son-in-law.


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Salt Lake Estate Planners Profile 

Contact – 801.613.8LAW | Skype: david.g.wood

Haydee Chavez, Client Relations

Haydee Chavez oversees the firm’s client and partner relations and assists with administration. She has worked as a legal secretary and a translator. She has an extensive background in customer service/ relationship management and excels at providing concierge-level services. Haydee assists the firm with social media and marketing as well.

As a wife and mother of three, she understands the importance of maintaining good relationships and keeping things in order! Haydee is bilingual; English-Spanish.

Haydee Chavez
Colton Guymon

Colton Guymon, Legal Assistant

Colton Guymon is a detailed, efficient, and motivated person who is involved in many facets of the firm. He brings valuable skills and know-how to our client development and is essential to our operations and document production.
Cole is a student at the University of Utah studying Pre-Law and is an active member of the U of U’s Honors College. He worked for two years as an Administrative Aide/Assistant at the law firm of York, Howell & Guymon. Born and raised in Utah, Cole spends his free-time reading, hiking, mountain biking, and studying history.

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