Business Structuring

Need a contract reviewed or drafted?


We have been involved in starting, financing, operating, acquiring, merging, adding partners, letting partners go, and closing many kinds of businesses over the years. This hands-on and personal experience gives us an edge in how best to help you. When you want to establish your business, let us help you consider the tax, legal, financial, operational, and other issues that ought to be considered.


Often for a small business owner, your most valuable asset is your business. If you want that to stay in the family, it requires good succession planning to make this transition in the most tax-advantaged way. But more important is to recognize the family dynamics of the situation. We strive to understand and appreciate the needs and objectives of parents and children involved in a family business. Rather than developing a plan that makes the most tax sense, we make a plan that makes the most common sense for the family! At the end of the day, most of us prefer to preserve good relationships with our kin over saving a few extra tax dollars.


Need a contract reviewed or drafted? Simple or complex, we have handled a variety of transactions and are there to assist you with yours. Need Policies & Procedures? We have got you covered! Do you have regulatory compliance concerns? We will examine your industry and the rules and regs that cover it, and provide you a roadmap to stay compliant.

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