We invite you to leave more than an estate,

leave a legacy!


An estate plan allows you to make your own plan that we tailor to your exact needs and goals. This is critical but we want to help you leave something even more meaningful. Through Legacy Planning we create a professionally produced video in which you tell your loved ones why you made the planning decisions you did. If you are giving to charity or to special causes, you explain your feelings about why that is important to you.


Even more significantly, you can share with your family your life’s story, your values, and the experiences that made you who you are. Share with them the highs and lows, the tragedies and triumphs, the joys and sorrows, and let them know, in your own voice, how you got through it all! We also prepare a Guardian’s Roadmap, if you have young children, that gives valuable guidance to a guardian if one were ever called upon. Additionally, we provide a meaningful way for you to share Letters of Love with your family if you wish to share some thoughts and feelings with your children or other special people in your life.

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